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Band in Boston 56 – Don’t F*ck with the Jesus

August 14th, 2007


Our first on-location recording – live from The Milky Way Lounge and Lanes in JP. We do it the 2nd Monday of every month, so come say hi – we’re right next to the pool table. And damn, this week looks good. Featuring Real Live Tigers, Karrie Hopper, Tiny Whales, Jason Anderson, Broken River Prophet, Or, The Whale, The Press, Before Lazers, George Lewis, Jr., Charlemagne, Shhh, One Happy Island, O’ Death, The Wrong Reasons, The Devil Makes Three, Milo Jones, Bishop Allen, Page France, The Teeth, The Specific Heats, Drug Rug, Pants Yell, John O’Hara, Whistlejacket, So+So, Action Camp, and Fnacy Trash. Damn, that’s a lot of bands!