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Band in Boston 58 – Groggy

October 30th, 2007


We’re slowly getting this thing back up and running. Here’s one thing we’ve been doing while you thought we were slacking…

November 16 at the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes in JP, Band In Boston presents the Rock ‘n Roll Fashion Show! Featuring live music by Viva Viva, Mittens, and Wonderful Spells, and models showing off some hotttt outfits from Berk’s, History, and Hilken Mancini for Gumshoe! Listen to this episode for more info, and stay tuned to the site for even more!

But back to this week’s show, it features Cryptacize, Finian McKean, Winterpills, Semi-Precious Weapons, Abigail Warchild, and Ween!