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BiB 78 – Kidney Beans!

May 19th, 2011

We are indeed back, with big big news. Jen got a new kidney, and as we all know, rock n’ roll is primarily processed by the kidney, so this means we’re back to doing this show on a nearly-weekly basis. Thanks to everyone that has been incredible (and there are so many of you!!) during this crazy time. This week is jam-packed with awesome music: Viva Viva, Tan Vampires, John Powhida International Airport, Autumn Hollow Band, Mount Peru, Age Rings, You Can Be A Wesley, Bandits in the Woods, The Dead Trees, The Donkeys, Mikey Holland, The Bright Light Social Hour, Hey Rosetta!, Soccermom, Eldridge Rodriguez, Times New Viking, The Babies, and Earthquake Party!

Big thanks to Jess and Katie for the photo. Actually, not the photo itself- they gave us all of those kidney beans. Because they are twisted. And that’s why we love them.