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FHS 167 – Low Red Land

January 26th, 2009

According to this photo, Low Red Land have the ability to shift time and space. Which might be true. Their songs always take us on mystical voyage through the dustbowl midwest of our minds. Or something. They came in quite a while ago, so it was nice to do another session with our improved gear. Although they now call San Francisco home, they were in a Boston band at one time, but had the brains to move to a warmer climate. Last time they were here, we inadvertantly renamed Hawks Die to Hogstyle, which we hope sticks. Either way, we won’t make that mistake this time. Although we did ruin it by forgetting to shut off the ringers on the phone.

Song List:

  1. Hawks Die Hogstyle
  2. Battles
  3. Dog’s Hymn
  4. Weight of Nations
  5. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (Mission of Burma)
  6. Gunfighter’s Afternoon/The Duke
  7. Queen Esther