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Band In Boston

Who’s playing this week. We listen to almost every band playing and pick our favorites. Hopefully you agree.

The Flophouse Sessions

Stripped-down semi-acoustic performances from some of the best bands from Boston and beyond.

Boston Bootlegs

Live and in the wild. Hear bands the way they were supposed to be heard. Loud, live, and in person.

Latest Episodes

FHS 203 – Drug Rug

August 3rd, 2009

Drug Rug on Band in Boston

We fell in love with Drug Rug when we first heard them almost 3 years ago. This marks their third session (#2 is here), and the occasion of their big big dual cd release show with Mean Creek (here, here, and a new one coming this week!) this Saturday. Make sure you put this on your calendar. Now.


Drug Rug online

Download individual tracks here, or listen to the whole thing, with studio chatter and all:


The Flophouse Sessions 77 – Drug Rug

September 18th, 2007

Drug Rug

We had Tommy and Sarah in when Drug Rug was just a fledgling chick. (Listen here.) They have since made us oh so proud by putting together one of the best damn bands in Boston – in this incarnation, featuring Carter from Tulsa as well as Mike and Noah from The Dead Trees. They have thier CD release party this Friday at PA’s Lounge, along with a truly killer lineup. Go ahead and look who. Nah, never mind, just go!

Song List:

  1. The Day I Die…
  2. Walden
  3. Ophelia (by The Band)
  4. Tiny People
  5. For the Rest of Your Life

The Flophouse Sessions 26 – Drug Rug

December 20th, 2006

Drug Rug
Tommy and Sarah claim they can’t whistle, but we honestly never noticed. They’re at PA’s this friday!

Song list:

  1. Day I Die
  2. Walden
  3. Poor Boy
  4. Maker’s Mark
  5. Dark Hour
  6. Bourgeoise
  7. Tiny People
  8. Blackie’s Gunman (by The Carter Family)

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