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FHS 200 – The Teenage Prayers

July 22nd, 2009

The Teenage Prayers on Band in Boston

Well here we are, at just about 3 years into this crazy thing, and we’ve hit 200 Flophouse Sessions. To celebrate, we’re putting out a new session from The Teenage Prayers, who may very well be the most fun band that NYC has to offer. They’re playing at PA’s this Friday.

Session #200 also kicks off something that everyone has asked us for forever: individual tracks! Via our new store (powered by, which every band should check out right now, and no we don’t get paid to tell you that), you can get each song, separately, as an mp3, aac, flac, ogg, or Apple lossless! Oooooooh. Now get back to your Teenage Prayers!

Song List:


Download the songs individually.

Teenage Prayers on the web.