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The Flophouse Sessions 103 – Chris Warren

May 8th, 2008

Chris Warren

Former Officer May frontman and current Viva Viva co-frontman Chris Warren threw together a band at the last minute to stop by and work out some tunes. And work them out they did. They’ll be playing on Friday, May 9 at PA’s for our big benefit show. They’re on first – get there right at 8 and you won’t be kicking yourself later!

Song List:

  1. Total Eclipse of You
  2. First Time I Saw Her
  3. Memory’s a Funny Thing
  4. At Least a Little Piece of Me
  5. Where We Are All Going
  6. Let Me Down
  7. You’re One in a Million
  8. Shoes
  9. How You Feel Today

PS – Thanks to everyone who pointed out my stupidity for putting Total Eclipse on twice. It’s now fixed so you can hear One in a Million.