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The Flophouse Sessions 28 – Swearing at Motorists

January 2nd, 2007

Swearing at Motorists

One of our favorite bands – last performance for a while.
Dave goes from Hammond organ to acoustic guitar to Speak N Spell to electric, and in the meantime, they record the longest-ever Flophouse Session.

Song List:

  1. Flying Pizza
  2. This Flag Signals Goodbye
  3. Room Full of You
  4. This Is Not How Forever Begins
  5. Slave To The Kettle
  6. Waterloo Crescent
  7. (Speak N Spell intro)
  8. Maybe Zorro
  9. Talking Pictures
  10. Losing Mine
  11. Just What I Needed (by The Cars)
  12. Thin Man From North Main
  13. Northern Line