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The Flophouse Sessions 83 – Tom Janovitz/Sodafrog

December 16th, 2007

Tom Janovitz

Tom came in a few months back with his band The Shout Abouts. This time he comes back solo as Sodafrog, and takes us on a cover-filled journey through some of his influences.

Song List:

  1. Theresa (by Dennis Brennan)
  2. Olive Wine
  3. These Follish Things (by Billie Holiday)
  4. Just Because You Can (Doesn’t Mean You Should)
  5. Thirteen (by Big Star)
  6. My Boots and Jesus
  7. Brass Buttons (by Gram Parsons)
  8. Rose Petal Grave
  9. Angeles (by Elliot Smith)
  10. Up the Junction (by Squeeze)
  11. Being Around (by The Lemonheads)