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FHS 187 – The O’s

May 11th, 2009

Dallas, Texas’ The O’s are sort of a two-man one-man-band. Taylor sings and plays guitar and bass drum, John sings and plays banjo, tambourine (on a drum pedal), and occasionally switches to steel guitar. Throw a harmonica into the mix, as well as the chops they gained through being in 8 other bands (most notably to us Northern folk, The Polyphonic Spree), and you’ll understand why there’s a mighty buzz brewing about these guys. Also, I think they had more fun recording their session than just about any other band we’ve had stop by.

Song List:

  1. You’ve Got Your Heart
  2. Finding It Hard
  3. We’ve Had Everything
  4. California
  5. Diamonds
  6. Together

The O’s on Myspace