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BiB 74 – Dog Days (4/27-5/2, 2009)

April 27th, 2009

We’ve gotten over our respective flus, colds, and general winter doldrums, and hot damn, it’s nice outside! In celebration, we decided to do one of these shows that we used to do all the time. Featuring You and Your Pointy Ears, Mount Peru, BoomSnake, Metal Feathers, The Goodnight Loving, Thick Shakes, The Woodrow Wilsons, The Accident That Led Me To The World, Christopher Bell, Manchester Orchestra, Winston Audio, Hands and Knees, The First Day of Summer, Bell & the Bees, Gregg Porter, Living Things, Now, Now Every Children, The Hush Now, You Can Be A Wesley, The Sneaks, Prabir and the Substitutes, The Double-Stops, Young and Old, and Bill Trudell.

And hey, check this out. If you’d rather skip through the songs and not listen to us, you can jump on to our Myspace playlist for this episode!