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Band In Boston

Who’s playing this week. We listen to almost every band playing and pick our favorites. Hopefully you agree.

The Flophouse Sessions

Stripped-down semi-acoustic performances from some of the best bands from Boston and beyond.

Boston Bootlegs

Live and in the wild. Hear bands the way they were supposed to be heard. Loud, live, and in person.

Latest Episodes

FHS 232 – The Dead Trees

December 18th, 2009

The Dead Trees on Band in Boston

When The Dead Trees did their first session (Mike solo), they were a Boston band. When they did their second session, they were a Portland (Oregon) band. These days, they are based out of LA, and in the intervening years have toured with Little Joy and Albert Hammond Jr.. They treated us to an all-too-short set, including what may be the most kick-ass Lennon cover we’ve heard.

Song List:

Arrows 03:00

The Dead Trees online

Download individual tracks here, or listen to the whole thing:


The Flophouse Sessions 90 – The Dead Trees

February 23rd, 2008

The Dead Trees

The Dead Trees rose from the ashes of Furvis about a year ago. Since then, they’ve toured with Albert Hammond Jr from the Strokes and moved to Oregon. They’re back in town this Wednesday at O’Brien’s, so show them some true hometown love, and rock your face off in the process.

Song List:

  1. I Have, I Want
  2. Shelter
  3. Killer in Me
  4. Fell Down on the Train
  5. I Kinda Need It
  6. Have Fun (by The Secret Bush)

Pretend you were there by looking at the Dead Trees Flickr photo set while you listen!


The Flophouse Sessions 75 – The Dead Trees

September 3rd, 2007

The Dead Trees

Mike Cummings from The Dead Trees stopped in just before hitting the road with his band to open up for Albert Hammond Jr. (from The Strokes). If you missed that, you totally blew it. Luckily, you’ve got a second chance right now. Oh, and featuring the keyboard stylings of Andy. Sure, it’s only one note, but that’s going on the resume.

Song List:

  1. Television
  2. Let Me Sleep
  3. My Funny Footnote
  4. Me Too
  5. Tame Them

Flophouse Sessions A-Z