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Band In Boston

Who’s playing this week. We listen to almost every band playing and pick our favorites. Hopefully you agree.

The Flophouse Sessions

Stripped-down semi-acoustic performances from some of the best bands from Boston and beyond.

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Live and in the wild. Hear bands the way they were supposed to be heard. Loud, live, and in person.

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FHS 242 – Tiny Fires

January 19th, 2010

From “North of Massachusetts” (Maine, to be more exact), Tiny Fires is a musical trip through a truly impressive range of influences. Featuring members of Tiger Saw, South China, Brown Bird, and a variety of other two-word-named bands, i pick up hints of The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, and, for some reason, My Bloody Valentine. But by no means are they come off as derivative. Even when they cover a traditional song like Sinner Man (popularized both by Nina Simone and The Wailers), they completely make it their own.

Song List:

Magpies 04:59
Beacon 04:35

Tiny Fires on MySpace

Download individual tracks here, or stream the whole thing: