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FHS 171 – Hands and Knees

March 6th, 2009

Hands and Knees came back for their second visit. We streamed it live. Here’s the audio. A lot has changed in the Flophouse since they last visited, and H&K’s has changed too. Definitely a less toned-down set thanĀ  last time.

Their new album, Et Tu, Fluffy? Comes out soon on Midriff Records. They’re at PA’s on march 14th, River Gods on April 28, and Great Scott on April 30th for their big record release party. Go see them every time!

Song List:

  1. Throw Me From the Bridge of Flowers
  2. Hot Little Item
  3. Sitting at the Piano Disappearing (1st time ever played!)
  4. You Got Pop, You Got Style
  5. You’re Getting Harder of Me, I’m Getting Softer on You
  6. Do You Look at Everybody That Way?
  7. Midnight in the Applefield
  8. Pop That Thang (by Missy Elliot)
  9. Shove it Up Your Heart
  10. You Thought it Make You Feel Better
  11. Do You Really Need a Drummer?

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