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The Flophouse Sessions 47 – Yoni Gordon

April 4th, 2007

Yoni Gordon

Yoni (and his band, The Goods) is/are playing twice this week – Friday at the Cambridge Elks, and Sunday at The Abbey. He’s got a voice and style that’s a little tough to capture with the measley microphones that are currently known to man, so go see him live.

Song list:

  1. Long Black Veil (by Johnny Cash)
  2. The Runaway
  3. Buckets of Blood
  4. Up The Punks
  5. Buried in the Basement
  6. On All Night
  7. Lullabye of London (by The Pogues)
  8. Me and My Beautiful Electric Guitar
  9. I Dreamed I Saw Billy Bragg Last Night
  10. Polish Hill
  11. Body Count (by This Bike is a Pipe Bomb)