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This Friday at PA’s – BiB’s Organ Donation Awareness Benefit Show! (BiBODABS for short)

May 5th, 2008

You are really going to want to be at PA’s this Friday. We have an awesome show lined up. To be honest, we didn’t even do much of the work.
You regular listeners heard Jen’s announcement that she needs a kidney. We kept it under wraps for over a year because we didn’t want to bum you out about it, but we figure it’s important to get the word out about organ donation, since it can help so many people.
When we did finally break the news, Township’s Marc Pinansky put this whole thing together. Because he’s awesome.
So whether you’re there to support a good cause (the money will be going to the Kidney Transplant/Dialysis Association – for patients in financial need), or just some great music, BE AT PA’s ON FRIDAY!!!

Tell me this doesn’t get you pumped:

Drug Rug
Carter Tanton (of Tulsa!)
The Tony the Bookie Orchestra
Marc Pinansky (of Township!)
George Lewis Jr.
Chris Warren (of Viva Viva!)
Robert Rivera