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FHS 245 – The Day Life

February 2nd, 2010

They say that everyone’s a Beatles person or a Stones person. (For the record: Andy=Beatles, Jen=Stones.) Philadelphia’s The Day Life is clearly on the Beatles side of that demarcation, but not only due to their great cover of Don’t Let Me Down (and possibly band name reference?). From some of the smoothest harmonies we’ve had in the living room to the Jeff Lynne-esque nearly (electric light) orchestral musical hits, they remind us a bit of a less glammy Jellyfish. Honestly I had trouble not going crazy with trying out all of the Abbey Road tricks that every engineer dreams about. Definitely another band giving Philly a great name.

Song List:

Real Life 05:41
Home 03:04
1963 04:26

The Day Life online.

Download individual tracks here, or stream the whole thing.


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