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FHS 244 – TAB the Band

January 28th, 2010

TAB the Band has a brand new album (Zoo Noises), and a CD release show this Saturday at the Middle East. Since their first visit to the Flophouse, their sound has really matured beyond the straight-out rock of their earlier offerings. For this session they went all acoustic and showed us a whole new side to the band – a side we really enjoy.

Side note: Doing the Flophouse Sessions frequently reminds me of the radio station scene in O Brother Where Art Thou: “There’s a feller in there that’ll pay you ten dollars if you sing into his can.” But minus the ten dollars. So it was nice to finally have a chance to record a Soggy Bottom Boys song on our collective cans.

Song List:


TAB the Band online

Download individual tracks here, or stream the entire thing.


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